Crest Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.

Our Process

  •     Understand what client means, and understand what are the requirements.
  •     Develop solutions that are tailor fit to the needs of the client.
  •     The outcome is a quality solution that perfectly aligns with the business goals of the client.

We develop a close relationship with our clients and continuously update them about the development of their projects. We regularly provide them with feedback so that we can modify the going. We work today while planning for tomorrow. Our projects are flexible, can be modified to bring them in-line with the needs of the situation.

Our development process consists of six simple steps:

Project Planning:

First of all, we dwell into the needs of the client and form the modus operandi of the project to be developed. We study the needs, and offer suitable business model to the client. At this stage, we present the client with a blueprint of how the project is intended to proceed. This consists of providing site maps, discussing about end-users / target audience, application / website theme, technology to be implemented and so on.

Project Design:

Our experts review the project designs to be implemented and inform the client about the happenings. If needed, we prepare a demo or mockup version of the project and present it to the client for feedback. The feedback provided by the client is the fuel for implementation in the next phase. We do not move even an inch forward till the client is completely satisfied with the design aspects of the project.

Project Development:

Once the project design is approved, we will start with the development of the project. Our professional teams of application developers, application testers, web designers, web programmers, coding specialists, graphic designers, and SEO and marketing specialists will work on your project in accordance with your guidelines and requirements. During the project development phase, we keep the client continually informed about the progress. We will welcome any recommendations by the client; also, we will feel pride in suggesting new ways to improve the end results.

Quality Standards Check:

After the project development phase is completed, the project is mapped against our high quality standards. We ensure that the work done is up to the established quality norms. We have an efficient process in which our work is verified for reliability and correctness. We ensure that our work meets the necessary requirements for its intended use. All problems are looked into and systematically corrected before we proceed to the next level.

Testing and Deployment:

Our testing experts will test each component and module of the project and ensure that it works properly. This stage includes processes like identify testing strategies, develop test plans and test cases, compliance processes, boundary conditions checking, recovery planning for system breakdown, performance mapping under maximum load conditions, improve the quality of the software, manage and execute tests, and measure test results; core testing services for system testing, system integration testing, regression testing, performance testing and user acceptance testing; specialized testing services include security testing, industry standards or compliances based testing, data integrity testing, interoperability testing, and portability testing. This is followed by deployment which includes elements like hosting and making the project available to the end user.

Project Release:

The project is finally made live and delivered to the client. We also take care of post live issues like site updating and providing change management solutions should technologies change in the future and you would like newer technologies to be implemented in your existing projects.