Fuse5 is POS, CRM, ERP, WMS software specifically designed for the automotive aftermarket and comprised of all mission critical applications a small-to-medium business needs in order to operate every facet of their business comes standard with all the following features. It is built on top of vtiger CRM. You can also have a look at following website which explains fuse5 in greater details.


Fuse5 Auto Parts Software (ERP/WMS)

What we did

● Point​ ​Of​ ​Sale

● Sales​ ​Management

● Sales​ ​History​ ​Tracker

● Sales​ ​Dashboard

● Sales​ ​Group​ ​Module

● Sales​ ​Price​ ​Planning​ ​module

● Sales​ ​Target​ ​Module

● Delivery​ ​Module

● Promotion​ ​Tracker

● Rebate​ ​Tracker

● Commissions​ ​Module

● Product​ ​Management

● Vendor​ ​Management

● Customer​ ​Relationship​ ​Management

● Account/Customer​ ​Management

● Accounts​ ​Receivable​ ​Module

● Account​ ​Statement

● User​ ​and​ ​Roles​ ​Management

● Purchasing​ ​&​ ​Forecasting

● Store​ ​Transfer

● Invoice​ ​Management

● Reports​ ​Module

● FIFO​ ​-​ ​LIFO​ ​-​ ​Average​ ​Costs Management

● General​ ​Ledger​ ​&​ ​Accounting

● Payroll​ ​&​ ​Time​ ​Clock

● Generate​ ​leads​ ​and​ ​convert​ ​accounts

● Warehouse​ ​Management​ ​System

● Receiving​ ​Module

● Money​ ​Reconciliation​ ​(EOD)

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