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What is MAD?

Mobile Application Development (MAD) is the way to develop application software that can be used with mobile phones. Because of the very innovative and interactive mobile applications developed by MAD developers all over the globe, now most of the end users see mobiles as not just a device which enebales them to do voice comminications but the device which is capable of doing just almost everything what their normal laptop or desktop PC can do. So in other words, these applications are custom made applications for added functionality and improved performance of smart-phones.

Many smart-phones available in market today, possess strengths that suits individual business and personal needs. Moreover, these smart-phones are not limited to Rich & Famous. They are now a cup of tea for everyone. The most popular Smart-phones are the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows mobiles, and Android phones.

We at Crest Infosystems believe that business requirements vary significantly based on custom needs and usage and so we have made ourseleves capable of developing almost any kind of mobile applications which are tailor-fit to your specific business requirements, and can result in enhanced efficiency, vast market reach, functionality, and value addition. Following these newly evolved technology, will allow your customers choose the most convenient way to access your company information and make it easy for your customers to find you in a variety of formats and technologies. It is a savvy way to ensure profitability and customer loyalty.

Increased importance of MAD – Recent Trends

Mobile applications are undoubtedly the next wave in the evolution of e-business. They possess mobility and flexibility that are unique to mobile devices. Mobile applications are able to provide users Value Added Services anytime, anywhere, and flexibility in arranging tasks. It is seen that the smart-phone users are on steep rise day by day, and the rates for mobile services are on sharp decline.

According to a recent survey on subject of mobile application advantages carried out by involving 240 enterprises suggest that the use of mobile applications designed specifically to help employees get their work done, increased productivity by 45%. Further, the data reveals that operational efficiency rises almost as much (44%) when enterprise apps are made available.

These days a mobile phone can give place to various applications coming from various genres. These include social networking applications (facebook, twitter, hi5, myspace etc.), gaming applications, mobile office applications, all chatting applications (yahoo, gtalk, msn etc.) and many such others as well. These applications carry a lot of importance too as these had opened a new dimension of communication.

According to a recent survey, by 2012 20% of all searches are expected to come from mobile and it is important that your business have a strong presence in this new market to ensure you are being found by your potential customers.

Recent research from ECSB has found that Small business owners using their mobile devices in B2B scenarios are divided in their use of apps and web-based services. Although 50% of small business owners said they would be willing to download an app from a business supplier, currently only 10% have done so. In contrast, a third of owners have accessed a supplier’s website from a mobile device.

Our Strength & Diversified Expertise in MAD

With rich experience in mobile software creation, we offer a quality service for the development of mobile software, games, business applications, across all mobile platforms (iPhone / iPad, Windows Mobiles, Android, BlackBerry, and the list continues). We help organizations adapt their enterprise mobility strategy and IT architecture around specific needs of Security, Compliance, Regulations and User Interaction.

We can successfully deliver projects on Mobile applications and application porting (Platform Migration), Mobile catalogs and m-Commerce, Mobile payment solutions, Mobile websites with XHTML-XP/WAP-WML, and this is not all.

Our premium mobile application development services are

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