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Wordpress Development

Wordpress Development

“WordPress” is awarded as the Open Source Web Application Platform of the Year in 2011 at The Critters.

Do you want a site that has a seasoned CMS to manage your content effortlessly? WordPress is the right choice. WordPress is free open source software. It has its own website template and processor which can be used to create websites with ease. It is based on Html, PHP, Javascripts, CSS, and MySQL database. Admin users can arrange and modify many widgets, and can set elegant appearances and settings for better functions and themes to stun the visitors of the site. In the admin page you can create and delete posts, media, links, pages, and manage comments. You can also install plug-ins from other paid or free developed software that is available online. This enables you to meet your requirements and needs for that certain website.

Crest Infosystems will provide you such a wonderful WordPress App where you will get a professional Admin panel to manage your pages, content and META data for SEO. We are experienced in integrating third-party WordPress modules (plug-ins) such as SEO, Visual Editors, Multilanguage capability, Photo Gallery, File upload, Site Statistics, SEO friendly URLs, etc. We also develop custom WordPress plug-ins or customize any third party plug-ins to enrich your CMS driven site with features. Your site will have a seamless integration with the design, and you get an exclusive, SEO friendly, fast-loading site with an easy to use Content management system.

WordPress Development at Crest Infosystems has advantages of its own:
Quick turnaround time: As soon as your design is approved, our expert WordPress programmers can make your site’s Beta within no time and you will start loading the content.
High quality output: Your site is bug-free by default due to the nature of open source, and goes into an additional round of QA at Crest Infosystems to make sure that you get the best output.
Exclusive sites: Your site would be written with a balanced combination of the power of open source as well as custom coding. As a result, we can assure you that you will get an exclusive site, and not just another WordPress template.
Marketable: Your site would be SEO friendly. Our Expert SEO team, who are experienced in promoting WordPress based sites, will assist you in attaining ROI; provide you necessary statistics and consulting to improve.