My Broker Bee


We are a Canadian financial services technology company that ensures every Canadian broker and private lender is able to help their clients find a fair loan solution. Through our proprietary matching process, the application is automatically qualified and matched with lenders that best suit the borrower’s needs.

What we did

  • Organization Setup.
  • Ability to perform loan option based on predefined calculation.
  • Lender Approval of application.
  • Order creation for Appraisal Orders.
  • Generation of Dynamic PDF file based on given application data.
  • On flyer PDF genration.
  • Admin/Broker/Agent/Lender View.
  • Automatic Email Notifications.
  • Audit Trails & Logs.
  • Workflow Customization Setups.
  • User and access management.
  • Vtiger Customization.
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