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About the Project

ParcelPath is a shipping portal that helps small businesses to provide the best, most convenient, and cost-effective door-to-door package delivery to their customers. Established in 2019, ParcelPath is specially designed to provide highly convenient and cost-effective shipping solutions that address the unique need of retail shippers as well as bulk shippers. As an industry expert, they have strong business relationships with shipping carriers and other business partners. It connects multiple carriers with different sets of package options on its platform.


Before the client approached us, he come up with distinct requirements and had some business objectives that he wanted to achieve for his ParcelPath platform, were:

  • To create a web app that offers shipping services using GoShippo and Vanlo APIs across the USA.
  • To let clients create bulk shipments using excel sheets.
  • To create an analytics module for the admin to check what services are being used most often and what parcels are being shipped from which states to which states frequently.
  • To allow the admin to change the settings of GoShippo and Vanlo accounts dynamically from the admin panel. 


As we assigned a team of highly experienced developers, so there were a few challenges the team faced during the development, customization, and implementation from project start to finish. The client’s requirement for the platform performance was extremely considerable no matter what the number of shipments generated in the background. The client wanted his platform always to deliver the utmost performance for his customers even on peak loads, which we had to manage and maintain throughout the project development and implementation. Below are some common challenges we encountered:

  • To create a dynamic markup calculation based on admin settings.
  • To create a dynamic payment calculation based on available user wallets.
  • To ensure the app maintains its performance even when bulk imported shipments are being created in the background.
  • To get addresses from Google APIs and use them for fetching the rates of shipments.


To help the client achieve his business goals quickly and more efficiently, we created a highly interactive, aesthetically pleasing, and more professional-looking web app that offers the best and most affordable shipping services using GoShippo and Vanlo APIs for USPS, UPS, and FedEx service providers all across the USA. We built an analytics module for the admin as the client wanted to measure results to see which strategy worked fine and which didn’t so the next step can be planned out accordingly.

As per the client’s on-demand requirements, we designed a referral module by which the client can refer it to others and earn some amount from it. To adjust the shipping charges according to parcels after they are shipped by the carrier, we developed an adjustment module for the adjustment of parcel charges, and yes, we made it happen. Following are the solutions we offered to the client:

  • We enabled settings for the admin in the admin panel to set dynamic markup strategy as flat or dynamic charges based on order price.
  • We added a wallet feature that enables users to add money to their wallet and use it for paying for the shipments later.
  • We used Google Address APIs to fetch the address based on searched strings and utilized it as a source or destination address for shipping.
  • We made use of Laravel jobs with supervisors on multiple threads to keep up with the performance when bulk shipping orders are created and processed in the background.

Other functionalities

Below are some other functionalities we helped with implementing, which includes;

  • Complete dashboard customization based on specific requirements.
  • Stripe Payment Gateways Integration
  • Third-Party APIs such as Shippo, UPS, Pusher, Google Geo, etc.
  • The functionality of single and bulk shipment creation.
  • To track and analyze results in real-time.
  • Easy wallet management.
  • Get real-time updates on the usage of the app.
  • Adjust the charges based on the client.
  • Custom and pre-set packages, etc.
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