TJ Auto Glass ERP


TjAutoGlass is a POS, ERP offering to supply auto glass parts, related tools, and accessories to retail and wholesale customers.

It stocks a large inventory of windshields and Glass for same-day replacement in the United States.

TjAutoGlass is created to provide the best quality products and personalized customer service that only an independent distributor can offer.

What we did

  • Customers
  • Customer Groups
  • Receivables
  • Statements
  • Products
  • Products Physical Location
  • Import Inventory
  • Export Inventory
  • Vendors
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Reconciliation
  • Store Transfers
  • Receiving Store Transfers
  • Receiving Purchase Orders
  • Delivery Store Transfers
  • Delivery Sales Orders
  • Sales Price Plans
  • Price Plan Promotions
  • Sales Orders
  • Organization
  • Vehicles
  • Locations
  • Roles
  • Users
  • Advanced Reports
  • Rest Web Services

Technology Stack

Server Side Technology

  • Nginx Server  (Web Server)
  • AWS EC2 / RDS / S3 (Hosting Services)

Client-Side Technology

  • ReactJS
  • JQuery Javascript Library
  • bootstrap


  • NodeJs Express


  • MySql
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