Today companies are storing and consuming data on high rate due to Volume, Velocity and Variety of data. Due to which data are expanding at an exponential rate. Big data is a catchphrase used to describe huge data volume for both structured and unstructured data. Sometimes the volume of data becomes so huge, that it is cumbersome to manage them especially using the traditional software and database techniques.

Big Data has brought about a paradigm change in the way industry looks towards storing and consuming data. Unstructured data is rapidly growing compared to structured data. Enterprises which leverage and integrate this data in their business are able to create sustainable competitive advantage due to more organized data.

Crest Infosystems is the top-notched Big Data Service provider company in India. We ensure proper management of Big Data and also take care of the data processing using some of the latest technologies like Hadoop with Hbase, Hadapt, Hlive and NosqlDbs.

We Provide Big Data Analysis To Our Valuable Clients Who Want To Manage Their Huge Data System. Our Big Data Solutions Include But Not Limited To The Following

  • We use the latest technologies like Hadapt, Hadoop with Hbase, Hlive to make the data processing accurate and faster.
  • For the document-oriented database, Mongo DB, is employed by our analysts as it is easy to use and does not involve complex joints.
  • We prefer to use MongoDb because of its ease in managing and processing of huge data. Its recovery procedure is also very quick.
  • We have an expert team, well-versed with the latest technologies to meet the newly emerging demands of Big Data analysis.
  • Our experts come up with the best-customized solution by analyzing both the existing and new database of our clients.
  • With the help of Hadoop our analysts accelerate the data processing and searching time. As a result, the user enjoys a unique and easy searching experience.
  • Unique data processing technique to analyze all the information from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Services We Provide

  • Big Data Consulting
  • Big Data Implementation
  • Big Data Integration
  • Big Data Optimization
  • Custom Mongo DB Solutions
  • Custom Hadoop Solutions
  • Architectural Strategy & Designing
  • Business Analytics & Intelligence
  • Data Mining & Data Aggregation
  • Data Migration & Maintenance

Technology Stack

  • Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonwokrs, MapR, Shark/Spark
  • NoSQL Databases: Cassandra, Mongo DB

However, if you are facing challenges or have any question while deploying big data into your business and IT landscape, You can anytime get in touch with us and we will help you answer each of your questions. Our expertise with technical competencies enable us to define the big data strategy for your firm.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do we transform, filter, enrich and standardize the data?

How do we integrate big data with the existing IT landscape?

What is the right Big Data platform for the organization?

How do we are create Data from various sources?

Which are the best tools and techniques for processing, packaging and better presentation of data?

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Words from Awesome Clients

  • Quite possibly the best contractor we have had the pleasure of dealing with. Process was absolutely clear from the outset, turn around times were quick, and communications were regular. We will be dealing with Saurabh and his team again in the near future.

    Gabe Davis
    Gabe Davis Fuse5 (CEO)
  • The team is Fantastic and awesome. I pushed a bit for some items that I had forgotten to put in my terms of reference but they always bend backward for me and incorporated them along the way. I must say I am extremely grateful for all the flexibility. Flexibility and their ability to stick to the timelines no matter what.

    Cory Keane
    Cory Keane Inventry (Co-Founder)
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