Trends in Web Designing & Development 2019

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Whether you work as a designer or web developer, it is very much essential to stay up to date with all the latest trends in your domain. This is the best approach to know what is currently working and offer the best options to your customers. This is one of those areas that keep on changing continuously. Design and development trends last year were not the same as those that succeed this year.

Thus, We will learn about the latest design and web development trends in 2019. Are you aware of those?

trends in web designing

1. Modular Design:

The split or modular design is one of the latest trends in web designing. This is a design through modules where each element is plated as an independent module. The main characteristic here is that the design is formed from independent elements. Which ultimately makes it perfect to adapt the web to all the devices.

2. AMP Is A New Norm:

A responsive web design approach is in vogue from recent years when Google started giving more importance to mobile-friendly websites. It is an open-source project Google–sponsored and it has gained ground with the support of popular websites such as Pinterest, Bing, and Twitter.

AMP is designed to improve website speed and enhance the overall performance of web content, ads, and user experience. Its performance is seamless.

3. Flat Design and Minimalist Web Design:

It’s been a long time now when it was said that the ‘less is more and it was triumphs all over the internet. But today, having a minimalist website is the best option. Apart from that flat design has gained prominence again, being one of the trends in web design that is going to continue in 2018.

Flat design involves eliminating unnecessary elements on the web which ultimately lighten the load of the page. In such a way, the user experience has improved a lot and it is better adapted to the mobile version. Depth, shadows, textures, reliefs, or any other aspect of three-dimensional, achieving more elegant and accessible results with a very minimalist style.

4. Mobile version is now Priority:

For years, responsive design is in trend. We’re designing for the desktop PC was first and based on this design other devices were being adopted. But this is not the scenario anymore, Now the trend is evolving, so the idea is to think first about mobile web design and then web design.

5. Interactive Elements:

Elements interactivity is in trend when we talk about web design. Interactive elements such as the Parallax effect and 360º animations. These are the effects that you can notice when you enter a web page and when you scroll, you found the background moving at a different speed compared to content.

For certain elements of the web, One can create animations. These elements can be buttons, rows, or drawers, this is to be done carefully, which should not affect the navigation of the web.

Sometimes the improper placement of elements causes the slowdown of the website.

6. Cinemagraphs:

Cinegraphies are nothing new but still images that have a part of the movement. Interesting cinematography can be created using tools such as Photoshop, Zoetropic, or Fixel.

This format of web design images has placed very expectations, so this is for sure that new applications will allow their creation. In this way, we will have original web designs with this kind of fusion between image and video.