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PHP framework is the most popular framework among developers used to build PHP-powered software applications with its powerful in-built template and modern technologies. Each framework is best known for its unique features and when it comes to PHP frameworks, it involves some meticulous research and is widely used for creating highly interactive, more complex, and fully functional dynamic websites and web applications.

PHP powers over 80% of all websites across the globe on its server-side and is far better than Ruby and Java. As many businesses use PHP for their websites, it is clear that PHP is a good option to go. Choosing a PHP framework can be a good option for you, but which PHP framework is best to use is a bit confusing?


To help you choose the best PHP framework for your website or application needs, we have come up with top PHP frameworks that you can use for your business. So, let’s take a look!

Top 7 PHP Frameworks to Look in 2022

Choosing PHP for your web and application development, however, is not a big decision to take. If you consider the large number of websites powered by PHP, you can easily analyze how PHP is valuable and can be beneficial for your business.

But depending on your website or application needs, you can choose any of the following PHP frameworks for your business:


Released in 2011, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework. Laravel provides various benefits, and features, including a propensity for scaling, elegant syntax, and responsive design that promotes business growth. Laravel is also best known for its huge community of dedicated Laravel developers.

Laravel is easy to learn and understand even by beginners as it comes with boilerplate code. On the other hand, Laravel is efficient and more powerful for creating large and complex websites and applications quickly and more efficiently.

Some technical features such as routing, template engine, security, and unmatched support are offered by the Laravel framework, making it the most preferred PHP framework for web application development.

Why Choose Laravel framework:

  • Laravel offers web and app development solutions for both small and large businesses.
  • Provides in-built functionality for creating complex apps.
  • The framework is easy to install and works with most of the platforms.
  • Ability to customize the app based on additional requirements using its features.
  • Some stand-out features like architecture support, robust security, routing, authentication, template engine, and seamless data migration.


CodeIgniter is another most popular PHP framework used for website development. It is best known for its simplicity and comes with a hassle-free configuration. It allows users to use the CodeIgniter’s speed and flexibility, making applications lighter and faster in a minimum time.

The MVC software architecture can be used with CodeIgniter, but it is not mandatory, therefore increasing its flexibility. The CodeIgniter framework provides easy-to-read documentation and error handling processes to improve quality applications.

Why Choose CodeIgniter

  • The framework is easy to install and use as it comes with a simple configuration and illustrated documentation.
  • It is best suited for building scalable applications.
  • It offers features like MVC architecture, inbuilt security tools, and top-notch error handling.
  • Perfect choice for building high-performance and lightweight applications.


Symfony is another yet more popular PHP framework that comes with standard libraries and a set of reusable PHP components that help provide convenience to developers by eliminating repetition in the coding process.

Symfony is the best choice for building highly scalable websites and applications. It comes with a modular component system that is quite flexible which allows users to choose components as per the requirements.

Symfony offers various similarities with Laravel as it was inspired by the Spring framework, but is tough to get started with Symfony. Some powerful features such as modular component systems, debugging toolbar, and database support allow developers to build robust and scalable websites and web applications.

Why Choose Symfony:

  • Symfony is preferred for large-scale enterprise web and applications.
  • It comes with reusable PHP components and provides greater stability and scalability.
  • Provides seamless integration with third-party libraries.
  • IT offers complete flexibility with utmost performance.


Phalcon is the most reliable PHP framework based on the MVC model that pays homage to the words Falcon and PHP. Developers choose the Phalcon as a full-stack PHP framework for building top-rated and highly customized web applications.

Phalcon offers the most amazing features, including code compilation, low-level architecture, security protections, memory management, and reduced file reads, ensuring high-performance with improved productivity.

One of the most interesting things to know about Phalcon is that it is written in C and works as a C-extension in some ways. However, there’s no such necessity to use C when using Phalcon as your PHO framework.

Why Choose Phalcon:

  • When building web apps that follow enterprise guidelines, Phalcon can be most useful.
  • It offers features like robust security, high execution speed, top caching, managing assets, etc.
  • Perfect for building a robust and high-speed website.
  • Greater performance with efficient memory utilization.


CakePHP is another yet more growing rapid development PHP framework designed after Ruby on Rails. CakePHP comes with a simple and hassle-free configuration process and can be installed quickly to get started.

It uses the most popular and highly efficient Convention over configuration (COC) software engineering concepts to power its framework.

CakePHP provides a comprehensive collection of libraries with useful components that facilitate the implementation of this concept. This framework also offers various robust security features such as CSRF protection, password hashing, and end-to-end encryption.

Why Choose Cake PHP

  • It comes with a simple installation process. All you need is a web server and framework file to get started.
  • It offers high-security features, like cross-site scripting protection (XSS), cross-site request forgery protection(CSRF), SQL injection prevention, input validation, etc.
  • Perfect for building commercial applications.
  • Other features like modern framework, security, fast builds, and proper class inheritance.
  • Greate communicate support


Yii is the most preferred choice of beginners who are new to HP. Taking a look at Yii’s documentation, you will learn not only how to create an application but also how to work with databases and MVC style patterns, for example.

Besides an MVC architecture, Yii has a layered caching system, CSRF and XSS protection, error handling, unit and functionality testing, and security measures such as CSRF and XSS.

Being a reliable PHP framework, Yii comes with easy-to-understand and well-structured documentation that newcomers can easily follow and get started with Yii in minutes.

It offers various security features, including bcrypt password hashing, encryption, and authentication. Using its documentation, users can implement the best practices against SQL injection, CSRF, and XSS attacks.

Why Choose Yii

  • Yii is perfect for building web portals, forums, eCommerce, and CMS-based projects.
  • It comes with an easy installation process.
  • It helps developers avoid the jargon of writing repetitive SQL statements.
  • Provides high-performance with greater scalability.
  • Great community support of Yii developers

Zend Framework

Zend Framework is a highly object-oriented framework that comes with features like interfaces and inheritance to provide high extensibility for your applications. The framework uses Agile development methodology, allowing developers to create highly scalable, feature-rich, and top-quality applications for enterprises.

In addition to this, Zend frameworks allow users to add unique functionalities and can be customized further based on project needs. Thus, it allows developers to employ the best PHP practices for creating future-ready applications more efficiently.

Why choose Zend Framework:

  • Zend is the most suitable PHP framework for building enterprise-grade applications.
  • Work best for handling complex business processes.
  • It offers amazing features like session management, data encryption, MVC components, and simple cloud API.
  • Options to choose components based on requirements.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, all PHP frameworks are well-known for their features, functions, and the benefits they offer to businesses. It is our goal to provide you with the most relevant information on the top 10 PHP frameworks currently available in the market.

No matter what industry you are in, PHP frameworks have always been the most preferred choice for leading web application development services.