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Website Conversions are nothing but a system of increasing website visitors, increasing profit from the website, and getting desired outcomes and actions from the website. These desired actions could be filling out a form, converting prospective clients into clients, or subscribing to any service. A website is created to have the highest conversions.

ways to increase website conversions

There are many ways by which you can increase your website conversions.  The most important factor that affects you the most is the website design which plays a vital role. If you have a great website design, It will certainly help you increase traffic to your website, it will help get new customers and it will engage customers and attract them to repurchase from the website.

Now if we compare this with a bad design and a less attractive website. You’ll find your valuable customers leaving your website ultimately you’ll lose many potential leads. Below we have discussed some ways by which you can increase your website conversions through good web design.

Ways To Increase Website Conversions Through Web Designing

    • Conversion can be increased by keeping the design simple and elegant:

The simple and elegant design can help increase conversion rates by reducing the design and the content down to only the most important elements. When there are special effects, gradients, drop shadows, and some other visual effects removed, a flat, simple, and clean design emerges.

When the primary focus is on fundamental elements instead of other artifact embellishments, your approach can be very helpful in making a great layout and you can optimize your conversion.

One more important factor is your call to action buttons. When there is a flat button, It is very easy to overlook when a prospective customer is scanning your website page. So it’s important that you select a button with contrasting color and a location that makes your buttons easy to click.

Tip: Always remember that obvious stuff can easily roll over website styles and visual tricks which can lead the visitors to “Call To Actions”.

    • Logical Layouts by making the page easy to access:

While creating a website, it is very important that the layout has its own logic. It matters a lot where you place the content on your website. The website should be designed in such a way that the visitor can easily identify and get an idea of the structure and layout.

Visitors browsing through your website should easily go from one idea to the next with ease. One of the easiest ways to do that is to ensure your layouts are reflected according to human reading patterns.

One should remember that the action a visitor takes, depends on the flow and navigation of the website. When there is an easy layout it will help your visitor understand the flow of the website and mark an impression.

When you design your website, you should think of the action you want your site visitor to take, based on the structure of your website so the visitor logically walks towards the action more naturally and in a frictionless way.

    • Go with A/B Testing and keep the best versions:

For best results or to test which design is working best for you A/B testing is the one, you should prefer. It is a method that helps your website increase its rate of conversion. With the help of A/B testing, you can have two versions (Design) of the same page, each one will be having a different layout, headline, graphic, etc.

    • Optimize Your Site By Adding More Context To “Call To Actions”:

Whenever a search is made for something on the web. It is usually not done for general reasons. In fact, is it done in order to solve a particular problem? When we acknowledge the design of the website properly it will make a whole lot of difference so Whenever possible add more context so your visitors should not have to think about taking action.

Also, one should always be specific with Call To Action. Even though when it takes extra effort to make a connection to that Call to Actions do it. But don’t ask people to make mental leaps for you, doing it for your customer will help you a lot.

    • Page Speed Play A Vital Role, Proper Monitoring Is Important:

As per the surveys, it is found that 9% of website visitors are lost due to delays in website loading. If your page loads fats there are more chances of your visitor to stay on the website. Thus it is said that page speed is an important aspect of increasing conversion.

If there is an even 1-second delay in page speed it can ultimately lead you to the loss of many prospective website visitors. It’s a good practice to always keep track of your website and keep checking your page speed at regular intervals.

    • Design Should Be Fully Responsive So You Can Convert Customers on Every Device:

With an immense increase in the use of mobile phones and so many mobile devices out there, responsive design is a must, to get a uniform look and experience all the devices. When your website works on all the devices there are more chances of conversions as more people will be able to access your website whenever they want to.

As per Google reports that 80% of people who have multiple devices switch between different screens while they are trying to get things done. While designing a responsive website it is vital to pay close attention to how the elements on the desktop will look on mobile devices.

So It is Vital to customize every element of your responsive designs to get the elements displayed in the right place.

    • Make The Use Of Proper Color Combinations:

Appearance matters a lot. In the same way, visual plays a vital role in web design. Based on many surveys, Graphic and visual aspects are the top factors that affect the decisions of a customer. The graphics and the design of the website should be different compared to the competitors. To invoke emotions and to convey a brand personality color combinations matter a lot. It is always advisable to keep industry standards in mind while selecting proper colors.

    • Avoid Sliders On Your Website As It Affects Conversion Rate:

Nowadays It is official that image sliders and carousels are being avoided by experts. As there are many things due to which it is being done. For example, sliders can affect your website speed and it will slow down your website with large images. Also, It creates an unnecessary distraction for the site visitor. While looking at the Slider, people didn’t even get the proper time required to go through the content on slides. As a result, it turns into lower conversion rates.

Human brains are like motion detectors so it detects motions really fast. But unfortunately, this causes people to give more attention to the movement of sliders compared to the conversion point where the focus is needed.

    • Optimization Of Proper Headlines Is Important:

All the headlines of a website should be attractive and eye-catching. Headlines should get proper attention and should be easy to convey a clear message while keeping the prospect reading. One should make very clear to the reader what the reader should read. Headlines should be clear and concise, creative and unique. This is very important in conversions. Your website’s headlines are the only chance to easily communicate with your visitor and convey your message. So make sure it grabs site visitors’ attention and keeps them reading.

    • Write Content That Converts:

It is for sure that a proper layout and stunning images make your website look great. Another important factor is content, you can’t be lazy about content writing. People will perceive your brand the way you present it. It is not advisable to fill up the website with bad content.

It would be great if you yourself write for your audience as you know them the best compared to anyone else, use the language that they understand. Research about your audience who they are so you can communicate with them in the most effective manner possible. Make sure to showcase your product or service. How it will change the visitor’s life, and you’ll convert them.

  • The Most Important – Images

Images play a very vital role in developing a competitive website. If you wish to keep your website stand aside from your competitors, use custom images as they are attractive and make the website stand apart. Videos can also be used in place of images. As they are in the latest trend and it keeps visitors engaged in the website for a long time. It is advisable to use clean and relevant images that can easily convey a message.

Now that we have listed the 11 ways using which you can increase your conversions through Web designing. I would request you to implement them and see the difference compared with your current conversion rate. Along with this, it is very important to maintain your website regularly. Please note that the above points can prove very useful but there are no definite ways to increase the conversion.