Hula is powered by BlueWaav, a cloud-based solution company formed in February of 2012 that has experience creating business management solutions in several industries for operations large and small.
Hula was created to give independent business people operating direct sales operations a flexible and customizable solution to help run their business. Hula recognize that often direct sales companies are better at providing products to sell than providing reliable tools to manage their business. Many people who embark on a direct sales endeavor have limited, if any, experience with inventory management, expense tracking, social media engagement, and other technical aspects of operating their business and find themselves overwhelmed by the process.
Hula is intended to bridge that gap. Hula want to help people sell, while ensuring that their business is being run efficiently and with proper oversight. Whether people are selling jewelry, clothing, supplements, utensils, cosmetics, or any other direct sales item, Hula will keep their business spinning.

What we did

● Order Management
● Reports
● Inventory Management
● Outfit/Bundle Products Management
● Wholesale Swap Management
● QR Code Generation
● Export Inventory
● Customer Management
● Event Calendar
● Claim Product Management
● Sales Management
● Sales Return Tracker
● Shipping Integration
● Payment Integration
● Expense Tracker
● Historic Sales Management
● Customer Question Answer Management
● Advanced Reports
● Announcements Management
● Facebook Upload Manager
● Import third party Sales using CSV
● Automatic Admin Notification
● Custom Frontend Sale Creation
● Auto Generate QR Code
● Payment Wallet Implementation
● QR Code Scanner Integration
● Google Chrome extension for import sales from third party website
● Facebook Login Integration
● Facebook Graph API mass image upload Integration
● Shippo Shipping Integration
● Quantum Payment Gateway Integration
● Zendesk Customer Support API integration
● Rest Web Services

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