About the Project

Memlin is an event management system, which serves as an engine for businesses to handle different events, meetings, and webinars. Memlin aims to facilitate the process of dealing with meetings of people by eliminating the workloads of event organizers, creating more fun among them while organizing. Memlin provides all-in-one solutions for a wide range of participants ranging from a fewer number of participants to a large number of applications for a single as well as multiple occasions.


When we first met the client, he wanted to build functionality-rich, speed-optimized, and highly sophisticated solutions for all types of event management. He had the following objectives that he wanted us to achieve, are;

  • To create a lightweight, easy-to-use, and highly configurable event management tool for all types of courses, events, webinars, seminars, and education.
  • To implement on-demand features from each system to make it the best event management system.
  • To integrate Memlin with other event platforms like Invajo and AppInConf to make future-ready platforms together.
  • To create a robust platform that delivers seamless user experiences across multiple devices and platforms.


When we got the project in hand, the client had the vision to build the best event management system with a large number of features to offer for users. The client had varying requirements based on other event management systems available in the market, so it was typical to determine which functionality we may require to implement.

Thereby, adding a wide range of on-demand features and functionalities and then making them work within our event management system accordingly, was a bit challenging. Handling hundreds of requests and managing multiple events, webinars, meetings, courses, etc., simultaneously was sometimes found to be tedious. Following were the most common challenges we faced;

  • Building an extremely fast-loading and fully manageable event management system with tons of features seemed to be challenging.
  • To implement and address on-demand functionalities from other systems when requested by the client.
  • To maintain platform performance at its peak, all while handling hundreds of events, meetings, webinars, requests, etc.
  • To make the platform work faster and smoother for users across all devices.


We had a long conversation with the client over a call and understood all his unique requirements for building a lightweight, optimized, and fully manageable event management system. The client wanted us to create a futuristic event management system that offers numerous features and all sorts of functionalities to users interested in such kinds of activities. After knowing all requirements of the client, we created a special team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals to work on the outline of this project. We worked closely with the client throughout the entire project development from start to finish and provided the best event management solutions based on specific requirements.

To meet the client’s unique needs, we created different packages and subscriptions for users and set up automatic reminders to let the client gather and manage the list of participants automatically. Furthermore, we also added other functionalities such as online ticket booking, online event management, online participant invitation, merge arrangements to groups, survey management, surveys with surveys, reporting, and many more to make a feature-rich platform.

  • Developed a lightweight, user-friendly, and fully functional event management platform with tons of features.
  • Built a more robust and functionality-rich platform by implementing functionality from each platform as per the client’s request.
  • Added on-demand features to meet the special needs of the client.
  • Customized the existing functionality and made them work the way the client wanted to.
  • Maintained site performance at its peak, all while handling hundreds of events, meetings, webinars, requests, etc.
  • To make the platform work faster and smoother for users across all devices.


Last but not least, the result we provided to the client with our all-in-one event management solutions, enabled him to better organize their events, webinars, meetings, courses, and handle multiple requests quickly and more efficiently. Now the client can run his event management business even more seamlessly than before, resulting in a better return on investments with improved productivity.

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