About the Project

MotherClock is an automated payroll system that streamlines employee time-tracking and payroll processing and allows businesses to better manage their employee’s payroll data all in one place, without having to require multiple systems. It makes payroll management easier and smoother, allowing companies to mount the iPad to the wall and make all things done (such as employee sign-in/out activity, time-tracking, recording, etc.) right from there and payroll data is calculated automatically. The system is designed from scratch with the corporation of some of the leading Canadian financial institutions and the Canada Revenue Agency.


When we had our first conversation with the client, he had various functionality requirements to create an engaging and intuitive payroll system that facilitates all business processes and makes work done seamlessly without any hassle. Here are some objectives the client wanted to achieve, including;

  • To create a system for time-tracking and payroll services that simplify business processes, save their time, workload, and money.
  • To implement the functionality of login to review, edit, or approve, and calculate timesheets and payroll automatically.
  • To allow employees to track their work time through smartphones or laptops.
  • To send payroll data directly to the bank or export it for use in another payroll system.


Creating a highly functional and complete automated payroll system with so many features and functionalities at affordable prices was a bit challenging. As we assigned a unique team of experienced developers who had great expertise related to industry segments the client belonged to.

Although we managed everything very efficiently, still there were a few points where we find it difficult to organize things such as making the system built from scratch with the corporation of some of Canada’s leading financial institutions and Canada Revenue Agency and then made it work accordingly. A few challenges we faced during the project development and implementation, were;

  • To build a low-cost system from the scratch with on-demand features that streamline business processes, automate employees’ time-tracking, and payroll processing.
  • To add various functionalities such as Employees Sign in & Sign out via iPad, employee Add or Remove feature, Attendance Management via pin, Calculate Payroll Data automatically, etc.
  • To payroll data easy to review and send it to the bank with a simple click on the button ‘pay employees and government remittances’.


With our great skills and industry expertise, we created a functionality-rich, fully customized, and business-focused automated payroll system that simplifies the process and makes work smoother and hassle-free, saving time and money and eliminating frustration. Our developers helped the client streamline and modernize their employee time-tracking and payroll process the way he wanted to and address all his requirements within a defined timeframe.

To help the client make his business goal more achievable, we added on-demand features such as: ‘automatic calculations’ for calculating employee work time, including overtime and holiday hours, ‘payroll compliance’ for monitoring changes to Canadian payroll legislation, and frequently updating systems as required to keep their customers in constant compliance. In addition to this, we made the payroll easier by allowing employees to sign in and sign out via iPad and automatically calculate the complete payroll data more accurately. Following were the solutions we provided to the client, which helped achieve his business goal more efficiently.

  • Created the best and most cost-effective payroll system that automates the process, saves time, cost, and reduces paperwork.
  • Added employee time tracking and payroll processing and managed all the data from one place.
  • Automated the whole system to calculate employee work hours and send the payroll data to the bank with a simple click
  • Implemented self-employee services that allow employees to access their own portal and print pay stubs, request accrued vacation pay, and so on.
  • Added pricing model and many more features as per the client’s needs.


We helped the client build the best and most functionality-rich, complete automated payroll system that meets all his unique business needs and customers’ expectations at affordable prices. The client is now able to better manage their business and access all services from one place right from the smartphone, relieving him from doing repetitive tasks and allowing him to focus more on the core of his business.

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